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KeepShare - File hosting and sharing automation.

You can easily create a large number of file shares through uploads or links such as DDL/Magnet/Ed2K, and automatically keep the shares valid.

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Why KeepShare

  • Quickly eliminate the "original sin" of Magnet links

    KeepShare converts BitTorrent/Magnet links with the brand of "original sin" into file hosting and sharing in the easiest way.

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  • Anonymous file sharing publisher

    KeepShare automatically creates enough anonymous accounts for you to host files without worrying about privacy leaks.

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  • Unlimited file hosting

    KeepShare helps you build a file hosting cluster and break through the account or space limitations of the file hosting provider.

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  • Automatically repair banned sharings

    As the name suggests, KeepShare will automatically handle banned file shares and keep them valid.

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  • Help you make money, not us

    You can get commission from the file hosting provider, and KeepShare supports you completely free of charge.

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KeepShare for Whom

  • Webmaster of file download or sharing website

  • Publisher of a file sharing community or group

  • File sharing enthusiasts


  • Open and Transparent

  • Automation

  • Easy Integration

  • Controlled by You

  • Easy to Self-Host

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Quick Tutorial

  • Create Account

  • Combine Links According to Auto-Share Link Template

  • Post Links

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