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What is KeepShare

KeepShare is a tool for automated and batch file hosting and sharing. With KeepShare, you can easily create a large number of file shares through uploads or links such as DDL/Megent/Ed2K, and automatically keep the shares valid.

Who is KeepShare mainly suitable for?

  • Webmaster of file download or sharing website
  • Publisher of a file sharing community or group
  • File sharing enthusiasts

Why KeepShare

KeepShare converts BitTorrent/Magnet links with the brand of "original sin" into file hosting and sharing in the easiest way.

All for one, one for all. BitTorrent is a good practice of this concept of human mutual aid and has flourished. However, due to well-known reasons, it is no longer recognized by the so-called civilized world, and even the technology itself is considered to have evil "original sin". Websites that distribute files through BitTorrent/Megnet are often banned and attacked because of this "original sin", and some file distribution giants have also fallen in history. File hosting and sharing are alternatives that are less stigmatized as "original sin" because their use cases are more pervasive. However, converting BitTorrent/Megnet into a form of file hosting and sharing involves massive data transmission, which is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and tedious task. Although some file hosting service providers also provide remote upload functions, many of them are prone to failure due to the limited transmission capacity of BitTorrent. KeepShare has selected file hosting service providers such as PikPak with the strongest BitTorrent transmission capacity, so that the success rate of this conversion is very high. You only need to simply register with KeepShare, and KeepShare can fully automate all subsequent conversions.

Anonymous file sharing publisher

KeepShare automatically creates enough anonymous accounts for you to host files without worrying about privacy leaks.

In a sharing network, protecting your privacy is reasonable and important. Maybe you already have accounts with several file hosting service providers to upload and manage hosted files. But unless you have made careful disguises, the registration process of these accounts may have exposed your information to the hosting service provider. In the subsequent hosting management, the service provider can obtain more information about you and your files. KeepShare acts as your agent for hosting files and automatically creates multiple anonymous accounts for you to host files. Remote uploading and hosting management also occur on KeepShare's server instead of your local. Although local uploads do not currently go through a proxy, your privacy is protected to a great extent compared to using hosting services directly. So does KeepShare know too much? KeepShare will not record any account privacy data, and as a completely open source project, if you are worried, you can deploy KeepShare yourself.

Unlimited file hosting

KeepShare helps you build a file hosting cluster and break through the account or space limitations of the file hosting provider.

If you already host or share a large number of files, you may have encountered storage limits imposed by your file hosting provider. Expanding your storage limit requires purchasing premium, which is an expense. KeepShare automatically registers batch accounts to generate a managed account pool for you. In theory, you can host an unlimited number of files, and it is completely free.

Automatically repair banned sharings

As the name suggests, KeepShare will automatically handle banned file shares and keep them valid.

File hosting providers may block certain files from being hosted for various reasons, which always spells trouble. KeepShare automatically detects whether it has been banned by the hosting provider every time someone accesses your shared file. If so, it will automatically try to regenerate and share it to fix it as much as possible. Although this does not solve the problem of all hosted files being banned by hosting providers, it is often effective.

Help you make money, not us

You can get commission from the file hosting provider, and KeepShare supports you completely free of charge.

File hosting providers usually have bonus money that can be withdrawn, and so do the ones that KeepShare supports (PikPak, etc.). KeepShare can help you host and share files more easily, and then earn more income from file hosting providers. But as a non-profit open source project, KeepShare itself does not and will not ask you to pay or try to take a cut of the revenue you earn - this is never our goal.


Open and Transparent

We want to contribute to the "all for one, one for all" philosophy of digital content, open to everyone and not blocking anything unless absolutely necessary. At the same time, KeepShare is an open source and community-driven project, and we hope that everything is transparent and has no black box.


We wish to make file hosting and sharing easier, and KeepShare is happy to do all the tedious things for you. KeepShare should try its best to discover what needs to be done by itself, and then complete it.

Easy Integration

We want to support you to integrate into existing websites or sharing channels in a very simple way. In most cases, you don't need to use API, let alone SDK to access, you only need to do a simple string concatenation.

Controlled by You

KeepShare's goal to automate as much as possible doesn't mean you lose control. In any case, you have control to all the data and behaviors, and KeepShare is just your loyal servant.

Easy to Self-Host

Directly using the online service of is the fastest way to use it. At the same time, as a completely open source project, we also support convenient privatized self-hosted deployment. Self-hosted KeepShare does not come with any additional limitations on functionality.